Indirect gravure printing for solar cells

In order to further reduce the production costs of renewable energies, the specialists at Fraunhofer ISE are researching new production technologies. The core idea is to double the production time of PV wafers. This requires completely different technologies, for example to create the conductor tracks for the energy released. This is where indirect gravure printing comes into play… and the SWG.

We supplied the specific molds so that the researchers could create these conductor tracks twice as quickly as before. These are only a fraction of a hair in size. Incidentally, this also reduced the amount of silver used for these conductor tracks. The solar cells that can be produced much more efficiently in this way unfortunately currently have around 1.7% less conversion efficiency. According to simulations, this disadvantage can be remedied. This is exactly what the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE is now working on… also with the support of the SWG.

Printing is much more than “just” producing colorful images. With the precision required for this, you can also produce printed circuits, etc. High-quality printing and embossing forms are needed for both impressive colors and, for example, microstructures for functional surfaces. Talk to us. We look forward to working on projects together.

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