SWG commits itself to responsible dealings with the environment and people. It is standard practice for us to comply with the required safety provisions as well as international guidelines on wastewater neutralisation in our branches.

By doing so we protect the health of our employees, secure the continued existence of the industry and contribute to the maintenance of an environment that is worth living in. We apply the latest technologies in all of our production departments in order to reduce our energy consumption and to minimize emissions in the air and water.

Our machines are state of the art and are regularly maintained and modernised to the highest standards. Furthermore, environmental protection receives top priority during the optimisation of our process technology. In addition to legal requirements, we employ external consultants and undergo voluntary auditors. The IMPRIM’VERT-certificate documents our efforts.

If you have any questions about this Topic, please do not hesitate to contact us. Informations about usage of Chromtrioxid you can find here.


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