The world is 3D


The sense of touch is the first and most developed human sense. Structured surfaces increase the value of a product or even its usage properties, in the ideal case both. There is a huge variety of applications besides embossed wallpaper, napkins or packaging. Each of them has different requirements. This is why we understand embossing being a market on its own.

Our work is focused on a competent advice and service. Only the detailed knowledge of the substrate and of the embossing effect which you wish to achieve enables us to produce perfectly fitting embossing cylinders. This process starts with taking over the design – being an idea, a similar surface, existing data. We have worked out a special 3D workflow in order to succeed in an optimum result. We use most modern topographic scan equipment and special software tools for the generation of 3D data.

Depending on the application, we engrave in metal and plastic surfaces. Due to most modern equipment and continued innovation, we are your ideal partner for all embossed structures. Let us open up the third dimension.

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