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Gravure printing needs new bases, every now and then, as of investment in new machinery or as of differing printing and embossing repeats. The base is a means to an end and only the carrier for the printing design.

We produce bases in most different constructions and materials, with and without shafts, also as sleeves, in steel or aluminium – we are your competent contact and supply in a fast, reliable and low cost manner. Optimizing the construction of the cylinder often results in reduced cylinder weights which also decreases storage costs. In any case without any impact on the quality.

For changing circumferences, we offer innovative solutions for increase and reduction of cylinder circumferences. Your stock of cylinders is too valuable for remaining unused.

We also offer cylinders with engraving copper or readily engraved cylinders. This would decrease your process times and your effort for coordinating different suppliers. It is your choice.

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