Tools & Technical Equipment

Abrasion test sheet

For the ink manufacturers’ abrasiveness tests we manufacture abrasion test sheets which match our gravure cylinders in their surface texture. The correct chrome layer and surface roughness in particular are decisive for expressive results.

Air cylinder station

We offer air cylinder stations for the rapid uncomplicated assembly of elastomer or nickel sleeves on the air cylinder. We also manufacture corresponding assembly sleeves depending on individual needs.

Plating units / cutting machines

We produce special plating units for customers who would like to perform the coating process for their sleeves in-house. They can then shorten the sleeves to the desired manufacturing length using our cutting machines.

Machine parts/gears

We manufacture a very wide variety of machine parts. For example, special gearwheels for each embossing set during embossing applications. There are also printing presses where the cylinders are driven via gearwheels.

Galvanic equipment and special machinery

We offer galvanic units for special applications or smaller dimensions, but also supplementary units for cleaning, proofing, measurement or post-treatment.

Air jacks and mounting stations

We develop and manufacture mandrels for currently used light cylinder systems and the equipment stations required for These.

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