Prepress For Labels And Packages In Different Markets

We ensure convincing and consistent staging of your products. Whether it is cardboard packaging, flexible packaging or labels, uniformly high quality standards apply to our prepress solutions.

Printers & Brands

Packaging is the core factor in communication with the consumer. We define the right priorities for your brand and printing.

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Restrictions on advertising strengthen the importance of packaging in the tobacco industry. We are your partner for special projects.

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Pharmaceutical packages act as reliable source of initial information. We meet precisely your requirements of light lettering and clear design.

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Prepress For Decorative Applications

Decorative applications accompany us in our daily life. Whether clothing, wallpapers, napkins or the dashboard in your car – we speak your language when it comes to the realization of vivid images and palpable surfaces.


Wallpapers, furniture fronts or flooring – you design our living environment. We offer you the opportunity to let your creativity run free.

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A dashboard offers many design options. We make effective use of that luxury material look, tactile textures and brand-specific effects.

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Gift Wrap

Gifts become even more beautiful by packaging. We safeguard the high-quality implementation of designs for every occasion.

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Presentation is the key. We are your partner for haptic and colored accents on napkins, table decoration, etc.

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Textiles live on design. We guarantee a strong visual appearance using the latest image processing and high class screens.

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Solutions For Special Requirements

We are as versatile as our customers. In order to satisfy the most varied requirements, we offer special applications, machinery and tools.
Furthermore we participate actively in research and development projects.


Customer and service orientation has always been the core of our corporate culture. If necessary in order to meet our customers’ demands, we go beyond the classic range…

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Life is 3D. We are following this trend with direct laser structured embossing forms and ensure a precise realization of haptic effects.

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Penmanship needs supporting lines. Our printing forms provide finest resolution and impressive mileages from the first tot the last page.

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Machines, gearwheels or special applications – we have a lot in our portfolio to close tricky gaps in your process flows.

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Research & Development

Research and development safeguard a long-term high standard. We make this commitment in our areas of competence of engraving, electroplating and materials.

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Bases & Sleeves

Technical Rollers, Bases And Sleeves

High quality gravure and embossing cylinders, technical rollers, lightweight sleeve solutions – we are your reliable partner for single-item and serial production, gladly with precise engraving copper.

Technical Rollers

Technical cylinders are made for special applications. Whether air cylinders, heating rollers etc. – we offer competent quidance and precise production.

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New designs often have new dimensions. By means of our own steel base manufacturing and enlargement of the circumference of existing cylinders we reduce the time-to-market period.

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Sleeves for offset and gravure printing are of amazingly light weight and impressively precise. We help lowering your logistic costs.

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