Packaging Simulation

The step from two-dimensional design to ready packaging cannot be underestimated. We use packaging simulations in a targeted way to correct incorrect estimates and false expectations early. The more realistically we reproduce the impression of the later packaging, the more precisely our customers can assess its impact. Depending on the area of use we exploit various options:

  • We simulate the later packaging with great fidelity to detail and in realistic colours with Mock-Ups. We also represent tactile impressions such as embossing and surface structures through the use of genuine materials, as found in the later original. Mock-Ups are invaluable during packaging development, for marketing decisions, but also for advertisements or TV campaigns. Furthermore, they are used as commercial models in sales.
  • We generate both static and animated Packshots with the help of professional 3D software solutions. We can investigate very specific characteristics of a package through a three-dimensional view on a screen. This ranges from the impact in the advertising context to behaviour in certain lighting conditions.
  • To illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of a package at the Point of Sale, we use a Virtual Shelf scenario or simulate displays for two-by-two set-ups. For example, visualisation in a sales context makes it easy to recognise how a package works in a group arrangement, how it succeeds compared with competing products, or whether it may still have weaknesses depending on the viewing angle.

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