Much too beautiful to unwrap

Gift Wrap

Presents are given to indicate appreciation and they reveal a lot about the giver. A distinct gift-wrapping makes a significant contribution. There are almost no limits to your creativity. Be it flowers or stripes, a glossy or natural look, we can transform the designs of your choice into artistic gift wrap. Every motif is full of opportunities waiting to be exploited.

We focus on developing printing copies that can be successfully reproduced and optimally reflect the full colour intensity and luminosity of your design. Naturally we keep track of your printing costs and consider the possible colour combinations. If we prepare the motive accordingly it is possible to achieve a great optical variety with comparatively little effort when printing.

Whether you print on paper or foil, by means of flexo or gravure – we deliver high quality printing forms and with our technical expertise solve even difficult tasks in collaboration with you. In addition we can offer you a low-cost alternative with our sleeve system so you can reduce your logistic expenses.

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