Impulse for purchase decision Unique – regardless of the packagingtype and printing technology

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Packaging has a great responsibility of giving the crucial impetus to the buying decision so it has to put the brand communication statements in a nutshell. No matter which packing material or which print technology might be applied the motives are supposed to be realized distinctively and in the best way possible. We make this our daily claim and challenge.

Thanks to our many years of experience in all phases of the prepress process, we are the ideal partner to help brand owners and printers attain their goal quickly and cost-effectively while maintaining a high standard of quality. We support you from the early stage of design development in order to minimize the time frame from the first idea to the launch of your product. Within the scope of a motive analysis we constitute the custom-made image editing as well as the engraving method. Based on an individual color profile this engraving method lays the foundation to a perfect production printing result.

We look after both small and major brands but our goal always stays the same: the best solution for each of our customers. This also includes innovative alternatives for the realization of haptic elements or the specific data processing in order to achieve a particularly three-dimensional print result. With our international network, consistent quality standards and a reliable color management we are able to guarantee a competent on-the-spot support for impressive packaging worldwide.

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