Innovation and precision within the smallest space


Every packaging is an advertising space. There is hardly any other product whose packaging has such a huge influence on the decision to purchase as cigarettes. This is partly due to increasingly strict advertising bans and anti-smoking laws and partly to declining brand loyalty in today’s very fast-paced society.

For this reason efficient packaging details are all the more important whether it concerns intense colors, effective lacquering or the finest embossment. We are working with excellent technical staff members and state-of-the-art process technologies in order to live up to the high innovation demands of the market. For you would want to have your finger firmly on the pulse at the right time.

In order to offer these services worldwide in the highest quality we are closely involved in the international network of Janoschka. The know-how within this network was developed systematically over years and is especially customized to meet the high demands of the Tobacco-Market. This provides you with consistent innovation, the highest quality and short development times for your brand appearance.

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