Printing & Embossing Forms

Whether you like to focus on colour or haptic accentuation – we have the perfectly matched printing and embossing forms for your conceptual formulation.

Flexo Printing Forms

The scope offered by flexographic printing has steadily increased in recent years. This results in a wide variety of uses. From package printing to decorative …

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Rotogravure Printing Forms

We produce rotogravure printing forms for the widest variety of applications which are optimized for all sorts of different requirements. In the field of package …

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Gravure Sleeve

Despite occurring in various versions, all gravure sleeves have one thing in common: they use a base cylinder in the press in order to reduce …

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The market is increasingly demanding haptic effects on the principle that products should be ‘feelable’. With our embossing forms, you open up the third dimension, …

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Direct Printing

For us, direct printing is a very promising technology in the decor market. It offers great flexibility, durability, authenticity and an attractive price/performance ratio. Especially …

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