Flexo Printing Forms

The scope offered by flexographic printing has steadily increased in recent years. This results in a wide variety of uses. From package printing to decorative applications such as the production of napkins, wallpaper and gift paper – we have the perfect print format for you. And also, of course, for special requirements such as security printing and for rulings.

Every single printing project, every substrate and every printing press has its own individual requirements. In addition to the latest laser technology, we make the most of elastomer printing sleeves. Our sleeves and plates enable you to benefit from a wide range of specially formulated rubber compounds.

Elastomers provide other benefits for you. Long service life reduces your printing costs, and the excellent ink transfer saves you money. Especially in coating plates and 2K-white applications. Our sleeves also offer smooth running with correspondingly reduced vibration while printing. This further increases quality, offers advantages in terms of printing speed and means that you can more effectively use the time otherwise required for mounting plates.

The latest multi-beam laser technology with a maximum of 3.8 metres engraving width and resolution of up to 70 L/cm matches up to even the most demanding specification. Special 3D structures for variable dot shape ensure sharp contours and an optimum tone gradient.

At the same time, direct laser engraving offers completely new possibilities in the manufacture of embossing forms made from various plastics. This allows you to create tactile surfaces along with colour features.

If special tasks require the use of polymer printing plates, we have access to all relevant production processes via the Janoschka network. From your perspective, this means having the right partner for optimum Solutions.

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