Impressively light with high precision


Engraving determines the printing result, the very surface of a printing cylinder are crucial. Why store heavy cylinders on high costs and ship them around the world? Our answer to this question is: Sleeves. We go most easy on resources with our thin layer sleeve, which is a sleeve made in an electroplating process with several layers and a total wall thickness of less than one millimeter.

The advantages are obvious: sleeves are of light weight, decrease costs, reduce the printing form on its key task – printing. This is basing on highest precision in the production and our longstanding experience in special electroplating. Also special developments like the Mikrosleeve are based on this expertise. The Mikrosleeve has a wall thickness of less than 100µm and is made of three layers including a special surface structure.

Further advantages of the exactness of our sleeves are running smoothness and high printing speed in offset printing. For gravure printing, sleeves can be engraved with all customary engraving technologies. You do not fear any curtailment in the quality of the printing result. It is an open system.

Anyway, the thin wall reduces the variability of the circumference of the printing form. For this reason, we analyze the printing circumferences you need in order to find out which printing system is most suitable for your process.

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