Printing support & print approval

Close cooperation with the printers is essential for us, independently of whether we are working on their instructions or directly for a brand owner.

  • The first decisive interface already lies in the digital phase. This involves thinking through all of the details of a pending printing project together, to safeguard via reproduction the highest-quality results in production printing. The link between prepress and print expertise is very valuable in this stage for exploiting the full potential of a printing project for the client.
  • This exchange is also very valuable shortly before printing. As we have already tested all of the ink formulas thoroughly in advance and have extensive know-how at our disposal, we can save the printer valuable time and expense in production printing. That also applies to the brand owner if we take over onsite print approval in his name.
  • As professional printing support and print approval are highly important for the consistency of a brand’s appearance, we make this service available to brand owners for all printing processes, independently of the printing form production.

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