Rotogravure Printing Forms

We produce rotogravure printing forms for the widest variety of applications which are optimized for all sorts of different requirements. In the field of package printing this includes amongst others exquisite halftone gradients in the colour set with precise ruling according to the EAN-Codes at the same time. The decorative printing of e.g. wallpapers, wrapping paper and wooden decor sets standards concerning the diversity of colour and dimension to the point of entirely different volumes of ink transfers. The complex applications of the security printing however are very challenging for the high resolution gravure.

No matter which application, thanks to our many years of experience, our extensive expertise in image editing as well as state of the art plant technology you will receive the optimal rotogravure printing form. Regardless whether it concerns shaft cylinders, steel bases or sleeves.

At first we manufacture the engraving surface which is clearly defined in its dimension and structure. At that stage we already exercise influence over the future printing characteristics by the grinding treatment of the copper surface. Now the engraving follows. Depending on the individual demands of the motive it is essential to choose the best possible engraving technique in each case. In addition to our own electromechanical gravure systems like direct laser engraving and laser etching, we have access to all relevant production methods over the Janoschka Group. Due to the standardization of the methods within our entire network we can guarantee great flexibility and prompt delivery dates.

Electromechanical engraving

Electromechanical engraving as well as high-resolution ‘Xtreme Engraving’ and ‘TranScribe’ process impress through their high quality of detail reproduction and counter sharpness. Therefore it is the most commonly used engraving method.

Direct laser engraving

The laser beam for direct laser engraving can be precisely modulated which permits a simultaneous repetition of the finest ruling elements and excellent halftone gradients on a printing form. Furthermore, both the cell size and shape are variable and therefore can be optimally adapted to the motive and the substrate. It also provides extensive opportunities for the engraving of safety features like micro lettering. At our facility in Frankenberg we have several Cellaxy-engraving machines for innovative direct laser engraving available. In addition we can offer you the standard of the direct laser system (DLS) of Daetwyler over the Janoschka network. In contrast to the Cellaxy the DLS engraves solely in zinc. Beyond that the Cellaxy allows the gravure of embossing forms.

Laser etching (digilas laser)

As in the past we use the traditional, but high-quality laser etching process to produce gravure cylinders and embossing rollers. This is because the wide spectrum of outlines and cell geometries also ensures clearly sharp fonts and edges in complex designs. This technology is ideal for the packaging sector and security printing in particular.

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