Precisely tailored copper layers with defined surfances

Base & Engraving Copper

Copper is the standard engraving layer for gravure printing. High-quality engraving therefore calls for the best material properties and precise surfaces. Not every base supplier is able to fulfil these exacting requirements. We are therefore happy to take on responsibility for copper-plating steel cylinders supplied by you. Whether we then perform the subsequent engraving is your choice.

Even with your own galvanising capacity, you may find that there are production bottlenecks or that it makes more sense from a technological perspective to have your thick layer or base copper plating performed by an external provider. In these circumstances, you can call on us as your expert partner. At the same time, we understand the tight deadlines that apply in this industry and can be relied upon to meet short delivery times.

Special knowledge is required in applying the first metal coat to aluminium cylinders. We deliver your aluminium cylinders with a homogeneous layer of copper that really adheres. And we are also your partner of choice for other galvanic coatings.

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