Digital Printing

For us, digital printing is a very promising technology in the decor market. Provided they are available in digital format, individual designs can be sent directly from the PC to the printing system. The time-consuming preparation for printing, as with direct or decor printing, is eliminated. This makes the technology extremely useful, especially for short runs and for implementing unusual ideas.

Of course, we do not work with conventional digital printing technology. Since our greatest strength lies in combining design with technical competence, we have specifically focussed the digital printing process on the quality requirements of the decor market and optimised it for surface design for interior and exterior use. We are able to print customised designs on a wide variety of materials such as wood, melamine boards, MDF or plexiglass. Special sealing of the printed surface guarantees excellent abrasion resistance. For outdoor use, we select inks that are able to guarantee light and weather resistance. Printing widths can extend up to 2,000mm, while there are no limits on the length.

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