The market is increasingly demanding haptic effects on the principle that products should be ‘feelable’. With our embossing forms, you open up the third dimension, which helps you to stand out from the competition.

By means of direct laser technology, we engrave highly precise 3D structures in a wide variety of metals and plastics. The fine and precisely modulated laser beam gives rise to significant quality advantages over conventional milling. And of course, with exact repeatability. In this way, we secure identical embossing results in the case of a second engraving. By using special soft proofs or embossings on original material, you get a clear idea of your finished product well in advance.

Our embossing expertise is consolidated by the latest scanning technology for topographical data. In combination with professional image editing and consultation, this results in a host of possibilities for you:

  • fine line embossing, e.g. for the cigarette industry
  • natural structures with personalised script, e.g. for wallpaper and furniture industry
  • lifelike leather grain, e.g. for the automotive and clothing industry
  • exact geometrical shapes, e.g. for technical applications
  • all-over or register-true abstract imprints, e.g. for the tissue industry

We will of course be delighted to produce the cylinder bases for your embossing forms. Whether steel or aluminium. We are your one-stop partner of choice. This saves you time and allows you to focus on your core Business.

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