30th anniversary of flexosleeves from SWG

30 years ago, we engraved our first flexosleeve. The first delivery was to a customer on our doorstep, and we now have around 200 flexo customers around the world.

Our engravings using state-of-the-art laser equipment from 10 cm small sleeves for adhesive tapes to over 300 cm large sleeves for construction packaging and tissue applications have a good reputation worldwide. From customers in Saxony to long-standing partners in China and the Ivory Coast, our round sleeves are the order of the day: to ensure that everything runs smoothly in printing, around the globe. In contrast to polymer printing forms, we do not use any solvents, for the sake of the environment.

With five direct lasers, we are very well equipped. A brand new premium setter from Hell has been ordered for the summer. Also in 30 years we will still be your young(ish), modern and flexible partner in flexo printing!

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