Change in management

After 27 years as successful managing director of SWG Mr. Zschage retired from the executive board on March 31st 2017. He shaped the company during the decades since the German reunification and the reprivatisation. Thanks to his innovative mind we now belong to the most versatile and state-of-the-art service providers in the field of prepress and embossing. For that, we thank him wholeheartedly! This continuous development always has been our declared goal and will remain our ambition in the future.

Mr. Zschage can now look back on 49 years of seniority in the company. We don’t want to forgo this huge treasure trove of experience and inventiveness in the future. Therefore he will still be at SWG’s disposal for research projects.

As of April 1st2017 Mr. Kovacic was assigned the position of the managing director. In collaboration with his managing director colleagues Mr. Günther and Mr. Wiegner he will conduct all further affaires of the company. He will also be responsible for the continuing growth of the department for decorative designs and embossing. Concerning the development of the section for the packaging market as well as enquiries for special solutions Mr Günther will be in charge. Mr Wiegner will take care of finances and human resources.

We like to thank Mr. Zschage very much for his work and his unremitting commitment regarding the positive development of our company!

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