Hornschuch acquires shares in SWG

Together to new surfaces

On January 1, 2016 an intense cooperation will become an even closer connection: Konrad Hornschuch AG, a company of the Hornschuch Group, the global leader in the manufacturing of film and artificial leather surfaces, will acquire shares in Sächsische Walzengravur GmbH (SWG), a specialist for printing and embossing technologies.

The mutual goal is to create surfaces in the future that are impressive, literally and figuratively. The bundled competence and combined know-how of both companies in designing surfaces enable them to provide new impetus to the market with excellent results. Mutually developed designs, embossing dies, and films and artificial leathers ultimately embossed with them have won several renowned prizes for excellent design quality, e.g. the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015. They can be found on upholstered furniture, in the sophisticated living or contract area, and in the interior of vehicles of numerous premium manufacturers.

The participation of Hornschuch in SWG is the logical next step toward a mutual future. Because the expansion of the competences and market shares in the area of decorative applications is an important strategic goal for the further development of SWG. Here, high-quality, laser-engraved embossing forms play a key role. For this, embossing form manufacturers and users work closely together. Hornschuch is one of the most innovative companies worldwide in this area. Within the scope of mutual development projects, Hornschuch and SWG will develop completely new tactile, technical, and visual characteristics of embossed films, among other things.

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