Resource conservation in gravure

Whether packaging or decorative printing, sustainability and resource conservation are becoming increasingly important.
The process chain also includes prepress and this is where we use our advantages to the full: In principle, gravure cylinders can be reused endlessly. After all, they consist of a durable (steel) body and the ultra-thin engraving layer.

The base can be bequeathed to future generations if well cared for. Even if the printing circumference is no longer needed, we have developed technologies to expand the circumference of the raw body by means of tubing or to turn it off (provided the wall thickness is appropriate).

The engraving layer of significantly less than one millimetre consists of a copper layer reduced to the optimum. If, for example, instead of Haribo bags you later want to print Katjes bags with the cylinder, then only this engraving layer has to be renewed.

And what happens to the turned-off steel and copper chips? Of course they go back into the material cycle, become new steel cylinders, new engraving layers … and sometimes we even make Easter eggs out of them. Separated by type, of course. At Easter it was that time again.

Contact us whenever you need sustainable, high-quality printing forms. By the way, our flexographic printing forms are in no way inferior, but there is another news about that.

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